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Long ago, in the great plains of Averset, the elves and humans waged war. It was not long before the elves took the upper hand with their superior magics... But the Humans had one last thing up their sleeve... A devious plan struck their leaders to strike a deal with the demons of the underworld. So, ten of the great leaders of the humans gave their blood to release the ancient evil of the underworld, the demons, to cast the elves back to their homelands, cursed to never face daylight again and must feed on the blood of others. At first, after the demons left, humans had prosperity, but they soon fell back as the demons came once more with a vast army, enslaving man and scarring the the land black. It took the ten, now elder leaders to reunite under the stars with the elves to reseal the portals to the underworld and cut off the demons to their magic. But, for this. They had to share their blood with the elves, cursing them to the same daylight curse. But, in doing so with elven magic, they cast off the demons back to the underworld through the portals, and united under an empire that is now known as the Averset Vampyrie Dominion.

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